Image E-tourism tendancies and travelers' habits

E-tourism tendancies and travelers' habits

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have affected tourism in each part for over 30 years now. Actually, they have transformed all the operations and strategies practice. Traveling has become more accessible to people thanks to ICTs; and many people now go for e-tourism.

What is e-tourism?

According to Buhalis, e-tourism or Electronic Tourism is the way to digitate process and value chains in tourism. It handles all the supply chain to get the travel and catering industries more efficient and effective.

It means that all the chain in tourism is digitated to give satisfaction to travellers. Tourism supply chain used to be a long and heavy process. Moreover, customers do not have enough information about what they want to visit and how to get there.

E-tourism is the right solutions to allow travellers to know the destination, the paths, and the adventures they will meet. It is really helpful to preview the destination, it's not spoiling, and it prevents bad surprises during the trip.

What are its benefits and how has it become a trend?

Due to the light process, e-tourism is advantageous for all stakeholders; making use of technology for everyone

  • First benefit is to fulfil travellers' desires because it makes access to information easier. It's to prepare the trip and the travellers mentally and spot what is most interesting on travel
  • e-tourism allows customers to pack their own products. It means that they choose with regards to their requirements and possibilities.
  • It's fast and accurate because the price is set in real time to help manage demand and it's a way to build commercial relationships
  • Economically, it permits all types of business, big or small

e-tourism has become a trend, or even a necessity for travellers. It is easy and accessible. Tourism development requires more information and competitiveness for business because the customers have increasing expectations. They are more interested in booking online to save time. Thus, incompetent providers disqualify business on the market, nationally or internationally.

Meet the travellers' habits

More than habits, travellers have some rituals before and during trip. For the planning, they are more interested in doing it online because it's faster, full of information and more personalized. A survey conducted by some consultants has shown the travellers' different habits depending on their country of origin. Some of them are:

  • To live in the present moment: just relax and get fun for the moment
  • To breathe‚Ķhealthy. They take time to liberate all the stress by taking deep breaths in open air.
  • To be ready for adventures and expect no routine. During travel, unexpected things are unavoidable. Travelers just accept it and cope with their surroundings as they change.

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